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Otherwise entitled: Aki had a weird dream.

I dreamed that I was riding a big glass elevator at work (we don't actually have one), and I was the only one on it, and suddenly I was just falling down the shaft. I kept falling until I hit the bottom. It didn't hurt, but I really had the feeling that I shouldn't move as my head hit something like a blunt corner (like a curb or something). I was just laying there, blinking slowly, and suddenly these doctors were rushing in. One doctor pulled out a chisel and hammer thing and (now the dream switches to third person), I watched him hammer a part of my skull out, set it aside, then reach into my scalp to put in a metal plate.

It was gross.

Then I woke up. :D

Stranger than Fiction is still an awesome movie.
we should write a book.
A few questions...

If you pay for cameras with over $200, is it right to take a $200 dollar camera off the floor?

And some questions for those of us [like me] who tune into Noggin.

On Little Bear, why's he eight, but his parents are eighty?
On Franklin, why's he in kindergarten, but his parents look like they should be in a nursing home on their deathbed?
Whatever happened to The Busy World of Richard Scarry?

And GODDAMNIT, why don't any animals on Noggin wear PANTS?!
Elise should go on a kidnapping spree. And I should be first on that list.
You have me friended, you know why.
Anyone else want to be jesusnapped?

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